Choice Read

Before The I Do by Donavan Dee Donnell

Review By Theresa Harris for KDgospel

The question I have for Donovan Dee Donnell is, “Where was this book 38 years ago before I said I Do? This is a dynamic book that is easy to read and understand.  I love the fact that it references the bible throughout. Every young, middle aged and seasoned adult needs to experience the wisdom within it before getting married.  

First of all, you cannot leave God out of the wedding plans because God ordained the institution of marriage. There were so many things in this book, that I could reference in my overview, but it would take up too much space. 

One of the most important things I found in the book was the importance of being a friend first without being sexuality involved but, spending the time before your marriage strengthening your friendship outside of the bedroom. 

The entire book is exceptional, but the paragraph below, which is near the beginning of the book really resonated with me.”   

“When you feel/think a person is expendable and replaceable, the “required motivation” needed to push through the hard times, will not be present.  If they are replaceable, in hard times you will be motivated to replace them.  If you realize they are not replaceable and a gift to you from God, in hard times you will be motivated to cherish them.  As you consider and build these relationships, I pray that you do it God’s way.  Save yourself some trouble.  Take your time to experience that person.”