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KDgospel eMagazine is a tribute to the word and calling of God.

KDgospel readers are encouraged to move forward in their journey, and are inspired to dig deeper as they move on. Housewives, stay at home dads, youth, and working personals we all have ambitions and we all need a little encouragement sometimes.  KDgospel is dedicated to ensuring that all its readers are able to get the inspiration needed to move forward into their callings.

Each issue of KDgospel features stories, interviews, and notes from incredible everyday people as well as Christian leaders who have prevailed over incredible circumstances. Entrepreneurs, artists, and health & wealth advisors such leaders in their field lend their knowledge to ensure that each issue of KDgospel maintains the right amount of balance to reach its goal.

(Who do we aim to Inspire)?


(Area’s of coverage)

KDgospel’s e-Magazine has gained a substantial reader base in its short-term of operation (2-years).  At KDgospel we relate this to the outstanding efforts that our freelance writers and staff put forward to ensure that the reader are getting answers to the questions that matter the most. Additionally we invite you to join us in



(Please Note)

All photos used become the property of KDgospel Magazine and will be used for the sole purpose of promoting KDgospel Magazine. Please do not submit photo’s that have been used for prior promotions as this might limit our right to use them.

“What has your hands been created to do!”


Deanne Williams, Publisher KDgospel Magazine
678-600-1265 (Phone)


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